Thursday, August 25, 2011

Batgirls: aka "If I had my way"

I figured it might be kind of fun to do a mock cover, of what I would do, if I had my way with the new lineup of the DCnU 52 books. Some others had done theirs, as seen here... This is mine.

BATGIRLS: HOPE PREVAILS - One year after Barbara Gordon has regained her ability to walk again, But the actions of a rejuvenated Mister Freeze has forced her to take back up the cape and cowl again. Fortunately, for her, she's this time forming a small cadre of crimefighters consisting of the novices Misfit and Flamebird, the deadly Blackbat and the team leader Spoiler... The Batgirls!

Corny? Yes, but I admit it.... I totally have a dozen story ideas for this... Here's the Unlettered and unlogoed cover. I hope you like it. It was kinda fun to do. :)


Matrix Dragon said...

This concept is perhaps more awesome then anything DC is coming up with for their relaunch.

Tim Brannan said...

I'd read this one in a heartbeat.

jennitalula said...

I would buy this so so much.

Lisa said...

Love it! I would absolutely read it. It reminds me a little of the "Blonde Justice" PAD said he'd been thinking of doing with Linda Danvers, Power Girl, and Kara Zor-El, back in the day.

Dave Reynolds said...

@Lisa: I remember him talking about that before, and I would have totally bought that. (Especially since I'm an old school Power Girl fan. Hell, I liked her even when we all thought she was an Atlantean Princess.)

Anonymous said...

... The reboot never happened. It doesn't exist.
This comic cover should.

There are so many things wrong with comics today. I read them because I'm a loyal fan, but really there IS a limit. Every character has become a parody of a parody of themself.

So do me a favor? Get a job at DC, and start selling this gold, because the people in charge........ with few exceptions there ideas make me cry.